The sun’s out and we’re loving everything wearing our summer whites! Sure, we love color, but an all white outfit always seems to be a knock out, don’t you think? See the dresses and ensembles we’re loving for a chic and trendy all white outfit this season.

Summer Whites - Cottonwood Dress - Siri Dresses - San Francisco
Summer Whites - Tulip Garden Dress - Siri Dresses - San Francisco

Sometimes we love to look romantic and dream we could frolic around in a field of flowers wearing a beautiful dress. These fit and flare style dresses are our dream come true. Stand out amongst bright colors in a striking white ensemble.

Don’t be afraid to wear your look proudly. An all white ensemble can be just as bold as a bright red one. It takes guts and gusto to wear it right. If you had the idea to don the outfit in the first place then there’s no holding back, you look fabulous!

Summer Whites - Apple Orchard Dress - Siri Dresses - San Francisco
Summer Whites - Oceanside Dress - Siri Dresses - San Francisco

The halter neck and check pattern on these dresses look retro chic. Any time we can dress up and look like we’re from another time period, we’re all for it!

Wearing all white isn’t the most convenient thing you could do. It’s actually very tricky. What we’ve learned:

  1. Before you even think about sitting down, look down at your seat and take the necessary precautions.
  2. Alway, ALWAYS wear a napkin over your outfit when sitting down to eat. Wear it as a bib if you have to. Looking ridiculous for an hour or so beats having a huge pasta or wine stain  on your white ensemble.
  3. If someone looks like they’re wearing too much makeup, go in for a handshake instead of a hug. If you wear transferable makeup, do NOT touch your face. There will be a time when you then touch your clothes and then you have a tan colored streak across your once pristine white ensemble.
Summer Whites - Julep Dress - Siri Dresses - San Francisco
Summer Whites - Cote d

These silhouettes are sophisticated and chic. The straight lines and structured fabric on these dresses make them perfect for special occasions.

If you’re like us and worry about being clumsy and spilling something on your white outfit, check out these tips on how to care for them.

Summer Whites - Harbor Island Dress - Siri Dresses - San Francisco
Summer Whites - Lotus Dress - Siri Dresses - San Francisco

We love the ease and comfort of these dresses. The fuller skirts will not make you feel restricted or stuffy.

We’d love to see how you’re incorporating white into your Siri wardrobe this summer. Here at the Siri Boutique we have many dresses and gowns you can special order or buy off the rack in white to create your own knock out summer outfit. If you can’t make it to our boutique,you can shop for your summer whites, here. Either way we’d love to see your summer style!